8 Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid


Social Media

Ignore social media marketing at your peril

Social media marketing plays an important part in today’s online business environment.

It is not only a platform that serves as an avenue for discussions among loved ones or old colleagues,  it has now emerged as the main platform of real information gathering for personal and professional usage.

Most people already have a good general idea of how social media sites operate, however, if you plan to grow a loyal following and use the platform to market and sell your products or services there are many mistakes to be made.

The following tips should help you to have a deeper understanding of your social media networking efforts.

1. Inactive posting

Inactive or irregularly posting articles, say once or a couple of times a week isn’t sufficient enough to remain in the minds of your followers.

You need to keep your thoughts and ideas fresh to keep them captivated.

You should consistently post quality content and material that is relevant, interesting and useful to your followers.

Provide the information they crave NOT irrelevant content that is of no benefit.

2. Placing Visitors on Hold

Not responding to questions or appropriate feedback is really a big mistake.

Responding and answering questions from visitors is an integral part of in building a healthy online reputation.

Don’t ever place your followers or readers on hold.

Be quick in replying to their queries be it on or off-line to create a bond between you and your audience.

3. Absence of Creativity

The online competition is fierce re so you need to think of new ideas and content to grab the attention of your follower and friends.

Grab peoples attention by offering something unique and different like jokes, motivation, surprise, or even a deal they can’t reject.

Provide people with the opportunity to ask relevant questions, do things you have never done before to surprise them.

4. Observe Your Competitors

To stay on top of your game you need to study your competitors.

Almost everyone is now utilising the power of social media as an advertising tool.

See what they are doing better than you and modify your social media strategy accordingly.

Make sure you know which strategies are working well for them and use them to your benefit.

5. Unfavorable Comments

No one likes receiving negative comments either so you need to work hard to build a reputation.

Concentrate on “positive feedback” and constructive comments, try turning a negative into a positive.

Good feedback and great comments will attract more and more visitors.

Advertising gurus will tell you that a satisfied client will pass on a recommendation to around four people whereas someone who has had a bad experience will pass on negative comments to around 12 people.

6. Excessive Participation

High-quality advertising and marketing actually involve promoting your service to the appropriate audience of people at the ideal time, but without pressurising them.

Think about your preferred ads that you see on TV, would you still value the product or service if it was aired every 10 minutes?

There is a saying that ‘too much of everything is bad’ and it will definitely hurt your business.

Creativity and timing will pay dividends without annoying you’re your followers, clients and web site visitors.

7. One place advertising does not fit all

For a successful advertising campaign use as many of the marketing platforms and techniques available to you on the internet.

These can include Google Adwords, PPC campaigns, ad media, SEO optimizing, Social media platforms etc.

8. Ignoring traffic data

It’s important to monitor every little thing you do online.

In reality, it may be difficult to keep track of every bit of data available, but there are a few sections that will help you increase your follower numbers or website visitors.

Who visits your website and how many, where do they come from, what are they searching for and how did they find you.

Monitoring things like general visitor details to your website, new social followers and replies on articles you have posted are a must to keep you ahead of your competitors

Look for the most effective ways for tracking and make use of them to remain competitive.