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We are optimisation specialists passionate about improving your websites performance

Search Engine Optimisation

Get more users, more enquiries, more sales!

Search engine optimisation ( SEO ) is a powerful method to improve the visibility of a website within search engine result pages such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Based in Brighton we cover the whole of East Sussex and around the UK.

Some websites will require more work than others to achieve the right levels of traffic and conversions.

We offer an affordable white-hat solution to achieve the best results possible based around a budget that suits you.

How does SEO work ?

SEO ( search engine optimisation ) is the skill in optimising a website so it appears near the top of search engines when someone types in a particular keyword phrase into a search engine.

In most cases there is no magic wand to wave when it comes to higher search engine rankings so you should be prepared for the longer term.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and you need to adapt to these changes, however, get it right and targeted  traffic will flow to your website.

There are basically two ways to carry out SEO, the good way known as “white-hat seo” or the wrong way known as “black-hat seo“. Fortunately we wear the white one.  Black hat techniques will not only be a waste of time and  money but could damage your rankings for a long time or worse, get your website black listed.

How we can help you?

Our goal is to optimise your website using ethical and search engine friendly techniques to bring a steady flow of new visitors to your website each month.

We continually analyse data about your visitors behaviour making any necessary improvements to improve sales, enquiries or any other business objective you may have.