Content Is King But The King Needs Feeding!

Content Marketing


Why is content King for effectively marketing your on-line business

The internet has undergone vast changes since its inception, however one subject that remains as relevant today as it has always done, that content is King.

Around 30 Million pieces of new content is added to the internet each and every day, people spend around 50% of their time reading and around 30% on social media.

Google and the other search engines platforms are designing ever more complex algorithms to detect quality content over fluff.

It is clear that writing relevant website content should be an integral part of any business’s internet strategy as it supplies value to both client and the company.

No company is too small to provide up to date creative content, the difficulty however remains targeting your quality content to the right people in the right context. That is where effective content marketing comes into play.

Some website pages will, of course, remain the same for long periods, such as the about page, privacy policy, disclaimer page etc. however it is a huge mistake never to update your website.

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High quality and relevant

Producing high quality, relevant and engaging content is central to search engine optimisation so think about producing new content on a regular basis, at least each month. Blog posts should be more frequent and will allow you to focus on keywords for your website as well as provide interesting articles for your audience.

What are the benefits

Google and other search engines look positively on fresh, relevant and quality written content. By ignoring it you will most probably find it more difficult to improve your search engine rankings – SERPS.

Helps to improve audience awareness

Your website is always a reflection of your business and quality relevant content will always be perceived by your clients and visitors that you really care, that you are genuinely making an effort to keep your business up to date and relevant.

Fresh creative content and news will make your business appear more credible. On the other hand outdated information can be perceived as a sign of disinterest and will drive visitors away.

How often have you walked by a restaurant because the menus in the window look like they haven’t been changed in years, well your website offers the same reflection, people will quickly bounce off and leave.

Generates sales opportunities

By implementing a strategy of publishing relevant, creative and unique information you will keep your existing clients informed on how your business is operating, inform them of special offers and increase visitor numbers to your website as your search engine rankings improve.

And as you post news, fresh content, blog posts your efforts will undoubtedly create new leads, opportunities and increased sales.