Email Marketing Tips Best Practices For Great Results


Email Marketing


Email marketing campaigns are still a very effective form of marketing and one of the most powerful ways to connect to your customers.  Almost 80% of consumers prefer to receive a permission-based email over other forms of internet marketing.

By following a few basic rules and strategies, your email marketing campaign can achieve excellent and often quite lucrative results.

1)  Why do you need an email marketing in the first place?

So before we go through the tips on planning that all-important email campaign here are a few reasons on the benefits of this type of marketing.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email marketing has now overtaken convention email in terms of volume.

  1.  An email can remind your customers that your still very much active and have new and exciting information to relate.
  2. You can use it to promote a new product, offers and special events.
  3. Use it to create your brand awareness.
  4. Reward your existing customers with special incentives.
  5. Obtain valuable feedback about your business and the products and services you offer.
  6. Nurture better relationships between you and your customers
  7. So now you’re convinced to take that giant step so to help you further here are some top tips on how to get your next email campaign up and flying.

2)  Planning your first email marketing campaign

Before you start to create your email marketing campaign you should think about a few important points such as:

  1. Why are you sending out an email, is it to promote and sell a product, announce an event or educate people on a certain subject.
  2. Identify and define your target audience and think if you plan to send it to all your clients or a section of them.
  3. What actions do you want your readers to take, define exactly what your call to action is going to be.
  4. It is important to fix a budget based on what you expect your return on investment ( ROI ) to be.
  5. How you plan to track your campaign, knowing what your readers are clicking on will help you no end in refining your next campaign.
  6. Ensure you have the permission of the reader to receive your email, we all hate spammers, sending out unsolicited emails is a sure way to get your business blacklisted or even worse.

3)  Choose an email marketing service provider

Mailchimp Email Marketing
Mailchimp Email Marketing


To successfully design, send and manage your email campaigns you will need a good email service provider.

Fortunately, there are a few which are free to use and will provide with all the tools you need to send out professional-looking email campaigns.

Industry-leading providers such as ConstantContact and MailChimp offer free versions with have impressive features and are very user-friendly.

Choosing an email platform is great for a number of reasons, the biggest incentive is the fact that doing it nearly any other way is likely to land your messages into more spam folders than inboxes.

We strongly recommend that you do not use email clients such as Gmail, Outlook or Live mail to send our bulk emails.

The free version of Mailchimp lets you manage up to 2.000 subscribers and send out up to 12.000 emails a month.

Mailchimp is easy to use with lots of pre-made templates, other features include useful statistics on click-through rates and much more.


4)  Write a good subject line

News Headline
News Headline


The subject line is the first thing that is seen by the user and it will influence them whether to proceed and open your email or banish it quickly to the delete box.

Your subject line need needs to be short, catchy, compelling and clear. Give a user a reason to open your email.

Design a stunning and creative email campaign

You will need to spend plenty of time designing your campaign to ensure it looks professional and captivating.

A program such as  Mailchimp has many pre-made templates to choose from and will help you enormously with the design procedure.

Other top email marketing platforms include  Constant Contact, Sales Panda and Rapid Mail

Here are some top tips on creating a successful design.

  1. Give your users the choice to open HTML and text versions.
  2. Try to keep the message short to minimise the scrolling.
  3. Be sparing with colours, too many are off-putting.
  4. Don’t use large images, small images are better where relevant so let your text do the talking.
  5. Make good use of the top section of your email as this is prime space to convey your message.
  6. Ensure your call to action is clear and prominent and that your users know exactly what they are to do.
  7. Make sure your message is easily scannable as users will not spend time reading every word.
  8. Always include an unsubscribe link in the footer of all your emails.
  9. Direct your users to relevant high-quality landing pages


Landing Pages


So now you have designed an email to be proud off and your links are in place.

Now you have to ensure that you are redirecting your users to a high-quality landing page and hopefully let users complete the journey by purchasing your products and services.

  1. All your email campaigns should have a unique landing page.
  2. Use highly relevant content on your landing page.
  3. Ensure the main message on your landing page is clear and located at the top.
  4. Make sure your copy is easily scannable
  5. Ensure your call to action is clearly visible and clickable.

6)  Revise and test before sending

Thoroughly testing your emails before sending is an important chore which many people often overlook to their detriment.

Making the right impression is vital and testing needs to be carried out without fail each and every time.

  1. Ensure you send out a number of test emails to yourself and all your email accounts.
  2. Test to see how your email looks on all the top email programs such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and Apple. You can do this setting up free email account with those providers.
  3. Check there are no broken links
  4. Read all the text a few times to check for spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors.

7)  Schedule a time to send your emails


Sending an Email

With programs such as Mailchimp you will be able to schedule a day and time to send out your campaign.

Depending on the industry there are times in the day where your email will have a greater impact.

For example,  it is well known that the best time to send an email or post on social media for a fashion outlet is between 9 pm and 11 pm and Sunday afternoons.

8)  Asses the results of each campaign


Once the email has been sent it is important to use all the means at your disposal to asses the success, or not, of your email campaign.

This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments and become more successful with each and every campaign.

9) Resume

Ensuring that you are helping and not hurting your cause with any email campaign you plan to send out.

Creating successful emails is certainly part-art and part-science.

Nonetheless, by following some basic procedures you will find your click-through’s and sales will slowly grow.