Why Responsive Website Design is Great for Business

Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive website design and what it can do for your business

“Responsive website design” is a term that has taken the Internet world by storm. While the concept is very simple, the technicalities of building such a site can sometimes be more complex.

It essentially refers to a website that can readily adapt to fit a wide range of screen sizes and devices.

As an increasing number of people are choosing smartphones and tablets as their gadget of choice, the demand for “mobile-friendly” websites is on the rise.

As a website owner, it is essential to understand that mobile devices will surpass desktop computers in the near future.


Mobile Friendly Website


What exactly is responsive design?

To make a website responsive is a designing process just as much as it is a functional task. Screens these days come in a wide array of possible dimensions and it is the goal of the website designer to ensure that all of them are displayed correctly.

The good news is that you don’t have to create a completely unique, separate website that targets each type of gadget individually.

Reasons Why your business will be better off with a responsive website.


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Mobile Friendly Website


Over 1.2 Billion people worldwide now access the internet via a mobile device. It goes without saying that if your business website is not responsive you will be missing opportunities.

Around 55% of time spent with online retail occurred on a mobile device.

In addition to being sound business sense, Google openly favor mobile-friendly websites with higher search engine rankings.

By having one fully responsive website design it saves you creating different versions to fit all the various screen sizes, one site will work for all.

Gone are the days when people access the internet on laptops and desktops, people want their information fast and easily viewable on mobile devices.

Around 55% of all time spent on retail occurred on a mobile device as opposed to 45% on tablets. More specifically 45% of all retail minutes were via a smartphone against 11% on tablets.


Art & Crafts Website Design
Art & Crafts Website Design


The trend is continually growing with around 80% of time spent on the internet will be via a mobile device.

Your website will be much more user-friendly if it can be viewed correctly on mobile devices, around 55% of people said they would not engage with a company if they had a bad mobile experience.


Web Design Topwood Garden Buildings
Web Design Topwood Garden Buildings

Responsive websites are much better for using social media, around 90% of mobile internet access is used for social purposes.

Mobile-friendly website can also help improve your online conversions and sales. If your target audience can easily access your business on a smartphone they are more likely to fill out forms, make purchases and become a loyal customer.


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Web Design For Holiday Parks

If you are not sure whether your website is responsive use the Google Mobile Friendly test tool.