Unleash the Power of Facebook to Promote Your Business


Facebook Advertising

Even if you are not a big fan of using Facebook you would be unwise not to leverage the power of the biggest social media platform in the world in some way to promote your business.

»  There are currently around 2.4 BILLION active monthly users on Facebook ( Twitter has around 320 Million )

»  4.5 Billion likes are generated daily.

»  1.1 Billion users log onto Facebook each and every day.

»  There are around 307 million users in Europe.

»  5 new profiles are created every second.

»  There are 300 million image uploads daily.

» 4.75 billion pieces of content is shared daily.

So why is Facebook good for your business.

Firstly to register a profile and business page it costs absolutely nothing. Facebook is a free service that gives you access to millions of possible customers.

Meet your peers

Facebook is no longer used exclusively by youngsters, users are now typically older, more affluent and more educated.

Find business contacts

Facebook is not only used by your friends but your prospects, customers and competitors are also there..you need to be on too.

Build relationships

Facebook members are open to connecting which makes it easy to  engage with people that where [previously unreachable.

Raise visibility

By posting interesting, relevant information you can increase viability as an expert in your field.

Develop your personal brand

The lines between business and personal have become blurred. You can reveal as much or as little about yourself  as you wish and personalise your brand along the way.

Target your niche

Facebook users give up vast amounts of information about themselves which you can readily access. This information would previously cost fortunes to access. Use that information to target your market.

Place targeted ads

You can use Facebook ads for extremely targeted advertising at a minimal cost.

No cost marketing

Other than paid ads,  Facebook is totally free so with some regular activity you will end up with more contacts, more website traffic and more customers.